Hi.  My name is Shawn.  It’s been 84 days since I last blogged.  Where have I been?  It wasn’t really writer’s block per se; it was more like writer’s bends.  I shoulda blogged about this, that, the other think, blah blah blah….  Whatever – you didn’t even notice I was gone, now did you? B-)

I’m trying to track down a really random memory prob on my Toshiba M205.  Every now, the whole system just freezes – no blue screen, no keyboard, no nuthin’.  I need a really good memory stress tester.  If you have one, let me know.

If you haven’t heard, MSDN is looking for a dev manager.  If you want to sign up for the hardest hootenanny you’ll ever love, let us know.

Pretty much the entire MSDN Online gang will be hangin’ at TechEd this year – look for us in the Cabana sessions.  I get to come down and meet w/ the wonderful RD’s and the wonderful User Group Leads – I love to pick these folks’ brains…

Do you have a favorite trade show/conference that you think MSDN should be at?  Please let me know – we’re thinkin’ about where we need to show up next year.  So far, we have O’Reilly’s Emerging Tech Conference, JavaOne, and WinDev on the list – got any others?