I'm now reading three different books that all mention the effects/importance of a chemical called Oxytocin in our lives:

- Mind Wide Open.  A great read that breaks down some common neurobiological occurances, like the adreneline rush, etc.
- Primal Leadership.  The leadership side of the "Emotional Intelligence" series.
- The New Physics of Love.  Explores ego-based and spiritual-based relationships.

All these mentions of this chemical got me thinking - has anyone done any studies on the use of software and the level of Oxytocin?  What would happen if we started doing pysiological measureents during some of our usability labs?  Would Apple's OS score higher in these measurements right now?  Should Longhorn have certain features that are known to increase the levels of Oxytocin?  Does the use of Office actually *decrease* the levels of Oxytocin? B-)

Is this an area we shouldn't even investigate?  Time to go sit on a rock and think about this one...