Wa-hoozle! Kai and Co. did it!  I thought I was cool when my rocket hit 15K ft….  This is truly amazing… 

rocketCongratulations to the Civilian Space eXploratiion Team, whose amateur rocket was the first of its kind to make it into space! The seven meter tall rocket, GoFast, reached an altitude of 100 kilometers yesterday, the "official edge of space," according to New Scientist magazine. GoFast transmitted its position and altitude data from high above the Nevada desert back to Earth via ham radio.

"The Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) is an all-civilian team comprised of about 30 amateur rocketeers from all walks of life -- from a retired Hollywood stunt man, to teachers, scientists, inventors, television engineers, ham radio enthusiasts, students, and -- yes -- even honest-to-goodness rocket scientists. Their common bonds: a love of rocketry and an unyielding desire to succeed even against the toughest odds and the greatest skeptics."


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