This sure reminds me of the TeleTubbies….  Much cuter, and still strange…  It’d be funny if every now and then, a message would flash on the screen saying, “Quit staring at my boobs!”  Cue the touch-screen jokes…



In The Hollywood Reporter today, an item about t-shirts that display movie trailers -- as seen at both E3 and NextFest last week.

Coming soon to a T-shirt near you: trailers for "I, Robot," starring Will Smith. In the never-ending search to capture the attention of consumers bombarded by commercials, billboards and a massive array of other advertisements, 20th Century Fox debuted an innovative new guerilla marketing tactic at E3 last week -- T-shirts embedded with video screens that played "I, Robot" trailers.

The two women who wore the video T-shirts as they walked around E3 drew crowds and TV news crews on hand to cover the gaming conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 20th Century Fox is the first studio -- or business of any kind -- to use the video T-shirt marketing tactic developed by San Francisco-based Brand Marketers.

Link (Thanks, Jeff; photo by Kurt Rogers of the SF Chronicle, Link to SF Chron story)

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