So I’m waiting to see if I made the standby list for the flight to Seattle yesterday, reading the latest copy of Esquire.  A guy comes up and says, “Excuse me, do you work at Microsoft?  I’d like to show you something cool.”  

Matt Katzer runs an ISV called KAM Industries.  They build software for the REALLY big railroads - railroad yard automation, engine automation, that kind of thing. Software that makes really big, heavy stuff move when and where it’s supposed to.  Matt told me that they also do similar stuff for model railroads – HO, N, and O-scale stuff.  They can completely automate, and simulate very complex setups.

If that weren’t cool enough, Matt has built all this on top of Microsoft technologies - .NET Framework, the Compact Framework, WMI (okay, not REALLY MS tech, but it counts), XML, Windows Server 2003, etc.  


There’s a big model railroad show in Seattle this summer (I think Matt said mid-July), and I’ll definitely be there…