While in Amsterdam for TechEd, I decided to take a morning off and visit the Van Gogh museum.  I think I've been thinking about technology *way* too much lately - I kept thinking how the painting techniques in Van Gogh's Saint-Remy period, around 1890, remind me of the .NET Framework.  Zoom in to the elemental level, and the paintings all look like nothing but simple brush strokes, and it's difficult to distinguish the purpose of the brushstroke.  Yet you know if you were to remove a single brushstroke, the image would be incomplete.

The .NET Framework - viewed from an arm's length, it really is a work of art.  Viewed at the API level, it's tough to distinguish the beauty...  And yet, the removal of even one API would be immediately noticed.

If you're in Amsterdam, go to the Van Gogh.  It was an amazing settling experience.  Just don't think too much about technology while you're there...B-)