When I was in college, I had a part-time job as a sys-admin for our college's IBM 4361 mainframe.  Man, did I love that box.  We ran IBM's VM operating system on the thing, and it was connected to the ARPANET.  IBM's VM was wonderful - you could bring up just about subsystem OS you could imagine, and VM virtualized everything for you.  We had a couple MVS partitions (even one with IMS loaded); we even had some fun and got the damn thing to load a copy of PC-DOS one time...B-)

When I started looking at our Virtual Server specs, I started noticing similarities with VM, even though VS runs on top of, rather than in place of Win2k3 server or WinXP.  This could get interesting real quick - affordable hosting environments, ability to have a true test partition on a production box - very exciting stuff...  I'd love to see our team (MSDN) get into the business of shipping pre-configured VHD's of alphas, betas, etc...  If we ever start referring to DASD and channel-attached devices again, I'll be in heaven...B-)

I hope the PearPC folks are looking at this hosting environment as a possibility, especially the new COM API that's been added.  I'd love to have a Tiger partition running at decent speeds on my tablet pc...B-)


p.s. Listening to Velvet Revolver's Contraband.  Man, does this s*%& rock! B-)