I just received a copy of “Seeing Data – Designing User Interfaces for Database Systems Using .NET” from the kind folks at Addison-Wesley. The simple explanation – it’s a book about how to create nice UI’s for database-driven Windows apps.  Longer explanations – this is one of those books that covers topics that can be found a lot of other places, in a way that makes you slap your head and think – “this is exactly how this should be presented!”  This is one of those unique books I’d recommend to anyone doing UI work against databases.

Ms. Riordan covers exactly the right list of topics for this specific type of application – Interface Design,  .NET Graphic Objects (GDI+, etc.), Typography, Color, Images ADO.NET Data Binding – all the basics, (that’s pretty much part 1 of the book); part 2 covers the good  Form Layout stuff and control management, then puts it all together in part 3 to discuss “Interacting with the User”.

Like I mentioned, you can probably find these topics covered elsewhere, and for someone who needs a really tight intro to writing efficient database-driven forms apps, this is the book to hand them.  Very Highly recommended.