I don't know why deaths always come in threes, and they do.

Bob Evans, one of the original S/360 architects passed away on 9//7.  It seems like I spent at least half my life around that architecture - my dad installed one of the first 360's (it was an upgrade to a 1403) in Texas.  I spent a lot of time on a teletype terminal dialed into the predecesor to the 4300 series.  In college, I was sys-admin on a 4361 and a 9370.  At IBM, I did a LOT of 37x5 controller configs, hooking up folks to the IBM Information Network.  Thanks for making a lot of that possible, Bob.

Donald Leslie passed away this week.  I didn't recognize the name till a boingboing entry pointed out his sound.  Man, that sound.  The magical Hammond B12 organ.  Steve Winwood w/ the Spencer Davis group.  Greg Allman on Jessica.  It can't get any better.

Finally, Ernie Ball passed away yesterday.  I've played on Balls since high school - I picked them out cause the sticker in the package was so cool.  I still suck horribly at the guitar, and at least I could bend the crap out of the top three Slinky's!

Please say Hi to my Dad - I think he'd like to talk to all three of you up there.