This seems to be one of those things we haven’t thought through very well yet.

I’m trying to use Photo Story to create a cute little slideshow for my Mom.  I want to use content I’ve legally purchased via Napster as the background.  Is this considered fair use?  I get to the dialog box in Photo Story that asks for the background music.  I navigate to the folder containing my Napster content, and zippo, zilcho, nana.  Apparently the file system doesn’t have rights to view the content – nothing other than WMP w/ Napster can see the content.  Here’s a funny one – Search can see the content as well.

Napster *will* allow me to burn the drm’ed content onto a CD, which I can then rip using WMP into a non-drm’ed format, and happily include it in my Photo Story.

Now who ever said DRM wasn’t a good thing?  I probably wouldn’t mind if we would make more of an effort to mimic real life before unleashing our various DRM technologies onto the world…

Remember, this is just my opinion, not Microsoft’s, and certainly not the opinion of those wonderful protectors of rights at the RIAA.