A lot of us are now running both personal and corporate blogs. Stephen and I started discussing an idea to make this easier - server-side triggers that will post to another blog automatically. I can do this client-side right now - w.bloggar supports this, for instance, but not across servers, so I can post to two weblogs.asp.net accounts. I think it's still a bit too clunky to scale very well. I'm setting off to build something a bit more generalized - I'll assume I'll always post everything to one blog first (probably my personal blog). Then, depending on the category, the engine will cross-post to another blog account for me. The other approach may be to just continue doing this client-side, and exposing a UI with check-boxes for all accounts... Something to think about while tracking Santa this year... Issues - keeping categories in sync - where does the ping go - is there spam abuse exposed here - how do i track comments?