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  • Blog Post: Seeing Data - A really-should-have book

    I just received a copy of “ Seeing Data – Designing User Interfaces for Database Systems Using .NET ” from the kind folks at Addison-Wesley. The simple explanation – it’s a book about how to create nice UI’s for database-driven Windows apps. Longer explanations – this is one of those books that covers...
  • Blog Post: Managing a small library

    Because of my role in MSDN, I have a LOT of books in my office. I also have a LOT of folks on my team who like to borrow my books. I'm looking for a application to help me manage this process - displaying what I have, displaying who has it, etc. I'd prefer it were written on top of ASP.NET. Does anyone...
  • Blog Post: One little ratio

    Wow. I picked up “ The Golden Ratio ” when I went shopping for Quicksilver the other day, and actually started reading it before Quicksilver. No regrets so far. It's not so much a math dissertation as it is a study of the impact on society this little bugger's had - the Pyramids, violins...
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