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  • Blog Post: Pat makes me cry

    One of the highlights of my visit to Amsterdam to attend TechEd Europe was Pat Helland's post-preso piece, captured here . Rock On, Pat... Great job...B-)
  • Blog Post: Van Gogh and the .NET Framework

    While in Amsterdam for TechEd, I decided to take a morning off and visit the Van Gogh museum. I think I've been thinking about technology *way* too much lately - I kept thinking how the painting techniques in Van Gogh's Saint-Remy period, around 1890, remind me of the .NET Framework. Zoom in to the elemental...
  • Blog Post: Welkommen to Amsterdam

    I'm here, waiting for the Regional Directors to arrive. Because of the weather, I decided to walk from the hotel, mainly as a way to stay awake today... These folks are seriously into their bicycles. This looks more like a food stop on the STP bike ride than it does a train station. How cool. And all...
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