Bummer.  Sometimes I try to make technical edits to wikipedia, but I'm too lazy to set up an account.  I avoid the anti-microsoft pages because they're just to biased, and only focus on technical issueSeems that Microsoft's IP addresses have been blocked from making updates due to "spamming links to external sites."  Lots of people work here, so I have no clue what "Yamla" objected to, but I know I've added links such as to the windows-1252 web page.  (Might just be me, but I'd've thought that a link to the microsoft page for a code page would be appropriate for an article describing a microsoft defined code page ;-).

Personally I think wikipedia's a good source of information (except maybe for the slanted articles).  I'd've thought that it'd be good for everyone if it was easy for industry participants to make technical updates.  I can see where wikipedia wouldn't want to be a PR tool of any company, but I can't see how disallowing technical updates helps anyone.