My first blog post from a surface!

Apparently on Windows RT itʻs possible for Windows Update to check for language packs and office updates (which come through windows update on Windows RT machines) to get out of sync.  So if you have a German or Russian or French or Spanish or other language Windows UI set through the Language Profile and yet your office is stuck or switched to English, you might have slipped through the cracks.

Iʻm told the machine will check when idle for a bit after the next reboot, but the catch with that is that Windows likes to go to connected standby so that it can keep doing things like mail reminders and stuff, and so normally it rarely reboots.

Fortunately the fix should be pretty easy: reboot and then wait a couple hours.

In general, to make sure Windows is running in your language, make sure youʻve set your language profile correctly.  Open the lanugage profile by swiping from the right to get charms, picking the settings charm, picking pc settings, and then selecting language preferences from the general section.  Add your language to the list if it isnʻt already there, and then move it up & down the list to the right place (like top for your preferred language).

For windows with a language pack, itʻll say "windows display language: available" (or installed) next to that language.  Select options to install the language.

Even if we donʻt provide a language pack, itʻs a good idea to put your preferred language at the top of the list, because then applications that might know your language may be able to provide you the appropriate language resources within that application.  For example, a Hawaiian speaker may choose Hawaiian as their first language and English as their second language.  Windows (and Office) would use English for the user interface, but Hawaiian could be available in some applications.  The language profile is powerful, letting you express many language preferences.  The most common languages are in the dialog, but others can be found in the add search box, by name or ISO code.