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Shawn Steele's thoughts about Windows and .Net Framework globalization APIs

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  • Blog Post: Code Pages, Unicode & Encodings

    I hope to put some links to interesting posts about Code Pages/Unicode/Encodings here. Use Unicode! That solves lots of Encoding/Code Page problems :) Code Pages and Security Issues chats about some of the problems encountered when converting between encodings. Avoid treating binary data...
  • Blog Post: Custom Cultures / Vista Custom Locales

    I've blogged about Vista custom locales / .Net custom cultures. Here's an index of some of the more interesting posts for learning about custom locale support in Windows Culture data shouldn't be considered stable (except for Invariant) - Your application shouldn't presume anything about culture...
  • Blog Post: About My Blog

    I don't plan to blog very often, but I will try to address lots of the issues and questions that often arise as I go about my work. I don’t mind comments or pointing out errors. In those cases I’ll probably fix any inaccuracies in my posts. I may remove feedback that is “noisy”, spam or bashes me...
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