February, 2004

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    VS 2003 Tip #4: Demo better with the toolbox and task list

    Two quick simple techniques for people who need to demo code (as I wait for the traffic in front of my house to recede before getting to work). Oftentimes, you want to demo some code quickly to people and don't want to type it all in. The Toolbox window...
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    Code snippets in Whidbey

    One of the other hats I wear on the team, is looking after our samples story. We are looking at our story for code expansions right now. A code expansion simply put is a file that you author with some code in it. You can add it to a folder or folders...
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    VS 2003 Tip #3: View exception information with $exception

    Every now and then a feature gets put into the product that just gives you this tickle of excitement every time you think about it. $exception I find is one of those features. Ok - so what scenario would I use it in? Lets say you're writing some managed...
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    VS 2003 Tip #2: Macros

    Vs 2003 allows you to write macros that can automate the IDE. You can acess these through the Macro Explorer - just go to View->Other windows->Macro Explorer and look through the Macros already present there. You'll see we provide a set of sample...
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    Release Program Managers in Visual Studio

    On the C# team, I'm a Release Program Manager aka the “Box” PM. Release PM's are different from feature PM's in that they dont focus exclusively on a technology area (such as the debugger, compiler, IDE etc). They have a more global scope...
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    Visual Studio 2003 tip #1: Stop the solution explorer flashiness when opening a project!

    A quick note on why I blog about Visual Studio 2003 aka Everett - Its a released product so devs are probably interested in knowing its power features and tips and tricks. I was heavily involved in getting it released for the C# team, so I have...
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    Houston, we have another blog liftoff!

    Hi I'm Shaykat and I work on the C# team. Some quick intro stuff/what I plan to post on etc... I'm a Program Manager on the C# team. I'm slightly unusual as far as a PM goes around here - I'm the release PM on the C# team (as opposed to the feature...
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