I have a confession to make. I have a pre-conception that is probably false. I believe that customers who receive the community/Beta release of Whidbey install it, play with it for a day or two building simple apps, maybe go to a newsgroup and give feedback and then dont look at it again. This is largely a pre-conceived notion based on the amount of feedback we get and my own experiences - I still have Alpha versions of other MS software lying unopened in my office, when I signed up thinking I was going to try out something new and cool...and then life got in the way.

So I'd like to test my hypothesis with the community at large - what do you do with a community drop/Beta release of VS? Do you port your big honkin' app to it and give it a run? Do you search for all the cool new features in your area and try them out? Do you look at the readme, hoping to find a gem or two there about what feature is broken? Do you know where the tips are (if not where do you look), do you know where to provide feedback?

Please let me know your experience. Feel free to post anonymously in my feedback area and post “me too” comments.