February, 2005

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    C# Status: 2/28/2005

    Sorry for the late status post - last Friday was quite a rush. We entered last week with ~50 Beta2 bugs. We've had this number for the past two weeks, so Jay and I decided to start beating the drums to get our counts down. Teams rose to the challenge...
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    C# Status: 2/18/2005

    I was sick all last week, so this week started slowly for me as I fought fatigue and an onslaught of bugs and process issues. Our fix rates have definitely slowed this week, as we've only started accepting bugs that have a large customer impact are rigourously...
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    Debugging .NET apps on Windows 98

    I was sick all of last week and am still recovering from the flu. My blogging slacked off a bit, but now back at work I slowly feel the need to communicate about our bugs and status again. Today we were faced with an interesting bug. Its little known...
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    C# this week: 2/4/2005

    Our shut down of Whidbey Beta2 continued this week, with ask mode beginning last Monday. Jay, Kartik and I began holding a "ship-room" meeting twice a day, where teams came in with their bugs and justified fixing them. This slowed down our bug fixes,...
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