Last week we rocked on bugs. The dev team kicked it up a notch and started fixing bugs to hit their goals. Along with that we fixed all our bugs that were marked Pri1 and opened greater than 48 hours than Friday. It was pretty cool.

On the downside our QA team had a one day bug bash. They installed the RTM versions of the product, and spent a good day trying out different scenarios on it. Our bug count spiked because of that. And today I walk in and see another spike because we got bugs from Watson reports (thank you everyone out there who clicked "Send a report to Microsoft" when they got a crash) & from Prefix runs. So the BugWatch continues.

I'm excited that Revenge of the Sith looks to be good. I re-watched the Phantom Menache and Attack of the Clones this weekend and there were some parts that were just cool - like the Pod Race scene or the fight with Darth Maul where Qi Gon Jin gets it but I spent a ton of time just fast forwarding.

The PM team also spent a good part of the week reviewing our docs. The C# programmers reference where we explain C# concepts is real good by our estimate. We are looking to improve some of the other parts. Is there some stuff in the docs you think are missing? Let us know. We want the feedback!