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Multi select list boxes in Infopath

Multi select list boxes in Infopath

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I hadnt realized till this morning that creating a multi select list box in Infopath wasnt exactly trivial. I found the article in the Infopath team blog useful to get started. The idea essentially is to add a checkbox and text box field into a Scrolling Region. I tweaked this in my solution to add a third field that captures the value of the second field when the checkbox is selected. If any of you have better ideas or pointers for multi select list boxes, let me know. Of course, this solution is a NO CODE option, Im sure there's a lot we can do with code.
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  • Did you find the code solution for the multiselect list box? I implemented the multiselect list box as explained in the article mentioned above but now i want to populate it with data from the detabase. Do you have any idea how we can do that?



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