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Setup for Developing Sharepoint Webparts

Setup for Developing Sharepoint Webparts

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I just setup my dev box for developing Sharepoint Webparts (after having to rebuild my box due to a hard disk crash) and documented the steps that I went through. The machine that I do development on does not have Sharepoint installed.

  1. I copied the DLL files from the Sharepoint Server from Program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\ISAPI to a folder in my dev box. The files copied: (Though I assume, the only needed assembly is Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll)
    1. Microsoft.SharePoint.dll
    2. Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Admin.Search.dll
    3. Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll
    4. Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignon.dll
    5. Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignon.Security.dll
  2. I then set the PATH environment variable to the folder containing the dll's.
  3. Downloaded and installed the Sharepoint Webparts Template from


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