This is an excellent starting point for developers for building custom WSS Solutions. Its good to see the 30 application templates now available for download at

The scenarios:

    1. Absence Request and Team Vacation Schedule Management
    2.  Board of Directors
    3. Case Work Management
    4. Change Management
    5. Classroom Management
    6. Competitive Intelligence Resource Center
    7. Employee Activities Site
    8. Employee Timesheet and Scheduling Management
    9. Employee Training
    10. Event Coordination
    11. Expense Reimbursement Request
    12. Helpdesk
    13. HR Programs and Services Forms
    14.  IT Developer Team Site
    15. Legal Document Review Workflow Management
    16. Loan Initiation
    17. Marketing Communications Campaign Site
    18. Meeting Management Site
    19. New Product Development
    20. Performance Review Management
    21. Professional Services Contractual Setup
    22. Professional Services site for Engagement Team Resourcing
    23. Project Team Site
    24. Public Official Activity and Issues Management
    25. Public Relations Work Site
    26. Publication Review
    27. Recruiting Resource Center
    28.  RFP Management
    29. Room and Equipment Reservation
    30. Travel Request