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Windows Embedded in Retail

Windows Embedded in Retail

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Retail technology is evolving from "point of sale" to "point of service." The key difference is that point of service—the new POS—greatly improves customer service with self-checkout counters, information stations, food ordering kiosks, and more.

To support retailers and their original equipment manufacturers, Microsoft has developed an operating system tailored for retail POS systems: Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service. Windows Embedded for Point of Service is an easier POS platform to set up, use, and manage due to a standard platform, Plug-n-Play support, and familiar management technologies.

Case Studies:

  1. Hollywood Entertainment: Hollywood Video Rolls Out 15,000 Terminals with Windows Embedded for Point of Service.
  2. Virgin Megastore: Virgin Megastores Opens Music and Video Vault to Customers with New Digital Kiosk


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