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Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

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Retailers have been exploring several technologies for proximity marketing within the retail store. This has ranged from using Text Messaging to using RFID. I came across an interesting technology (Thanks Marty :) ) that I thought bypasses the challenges of Text Messaging (cost of text messages to the customer) and the infrastructure needed for RFID. 

Most phones today are equipped with BlueTooth. BlueCasting is a point-to-point transmission system which uses the BlueTooth networking platform. When a user is within proximity of a BlueCast Server and makes their handset discoverable the BlueCast Server identifies their device via its BlueTooth ID.

There are many types of content which the BlueCasting system can send to a handset and these are increasing each time the handset manufacturers introduce new models.  Currently the system supports:

• Text [as .txt files]
• Still images [as GIF or JPG files]
• Animated images [as Animted GIF files]
• Audio [as WAV, RMF, MP3, MP4 or Ringtone files]
• Video [as RM, 3GP or MP4 files]
• Java Applications [as JAR files]
• vCard [Business Card files]
• vCal [Calendar Event files]

For more details about Bluecasting see:

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  • very interesting thing way, thanks.

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  • Wow! Can't wait for this to be implemented in Philippines. We had pervasive inventory system as our thesis during college and we've used rfid technology to do it. I hope the seniors in our university will continue our project and use Bluecasting technology.

  • I think this kind of proximity marketing is a good long as the receiver isn't going to be charged by their plan provider.

  • I'm not sure that we need to invade someone's phone to get our marketing point across. Perhaps if it is something the customer can opt to do or not, but otherwise I think it could be considered invasive.

    Something I think is much more effective is having adequate, good natured staff to welcome the customer and inquire if they need help finding anything. I'm amazed at how, despite out technological advances we have forgotten plain old good customer service.

  • A nice post indeed!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  • This sounds like it could be very annoying.

  • I have heard that one such technology was applied in CostCo - don't know whether I had heard it right. It had not been too much of a success though, as I heard from the same source.

  • This BlueCasting technology will surely turn into an annoyance. I wouldn't like receiving ads on my cell phone whether Im being charged or not. Next we will need a spambox for our cellphone. :)

  • Nice idea :) We will soon need no cables at all.

  • Hmm, a bit intrusive if someone just forgets to turn Bluetooth off or make their phone undiscoverable. I generally turn it on to swap items, usually photos, with friends. I'd be a bit annoyed if I did that and immediately received a text advertising a product!

  • Could you imagine walking in a mall and getting blasted one text ad after another. No way!

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  • What is RFID meant? this word is mystery to me can someone explain it to me?

  • ONly problem with this now is the fact that it doesn't work with the iphone.

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