I will be talking about Cloud Computing and Software as a Service at the Big Ideas Session at NRF. Please drop by and catch me at the session or in booth #836.




Leverage the Flexibility of Cloud Computing to Differentiate Your Organization

Tuesday, 01/12/2010 9:30AM -10:00AM , Room EXPO Hall, 3D05


With retailers facing 360 degree – 24x7 competition, every proactive or reactive decision can literally make or break your revenue goals. Miss the ever increasing “bar” for customer service that your customer expects/demands and she may pull out her smart-phone and shop your competition while in your store.  The ability to deliver actionable customer centric information to everyone in your organization – from stores to distribution to HQ is available today.  But as budgets shrink and corner-office requests increase, many IT departments are having trouble just keeping the lights on.  In this session we’ll discuss how you can leverage cloud computing to put key information in the hands of all your employees – from stock clerks to the corner office – without putting extra burden on your IT staff and without the need to train everyone on new user interfaces.