Stein Mart, a Tier One off-price department store chain, focuses on unique merchandise selection on a fast rotation with limited inventory on each item per store. With a business model that relies heavily on performance analytics and reporting, the 268-store retailer wants fast business intelligence reporting and data analysis capabilities to stay on trend with shoppers, well positioned with competitors and always delivering core mission: more fashion, less price.
Join this exclusive webinar with RIS News and Stein Mart to learn how one advanced retailer showcases how advanced end-to-end business intelligence and data warehousing technology provides faster sales reports, in-depth market analysis, and business forecasting resulting. Key points include:

  • a 75% time savings in processing weekly sales reports
  • the ability to compare planned versus actual sales performance to better achieve in-store promotional objectives
  • reduction in system maintenance costs by $50K every month
  • the ability to make business decisions based on demonstrated sales history