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Big Data Retail Forum

Big Data Retail Forum

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I presented at the Big Data Retail Forum this morning and it was an interesting mix of Retail and Consumer companies. The focus of the presentation was on the convergence of "Democratization of Data" & "Democratization of Tools" driving acceleration of Big Data Analytics in Retail.  My presentation from the session:

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    Macy’s is one of America’s oldest departmental stores. It’s a main stream retailer and continues to wow its customers by its notable assortment mix, exclusive brands and gala parades (Thanksgiving Day, Fourth of July fireworks). Macy’s also operates high-end stores under the brand name of “Bloomingdales”. Macy’s operates in the following categories – Feminine accessories & Intimate apparel, Men’s and Children’s apparel, Footwear & Cosmetics, Home/Miscellaneous

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