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Analyzing LinkedIn Data using PowerBI

Analyzing LinkedIn Data using PowerBI

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LinkedIn is another source of data for some interesting data analytics using Power BI. The LinkedIn APIs enable you to access a lot of the LinkedIn data. I have found the easiest way to generate the query string for Power Query is by using the API Console from

A quick example that I tried was to get a list of people with Big Data skills. In order to do this, I used the LinkedIn API Console at


I selected OAuth2 in the authentication window and signed in with my LinkedIn account:


I then used the Search People API method for experimenting with LinkedIn.


I used “Big Data” in the key words field to get a list of people with the term “Big Data” anywhere in their profile. I set the count parameter to the max: 25.

I then copy the query string which looks like this:

and add the access token shown in the Request window:

I then copy and use this query string in Power Query for Excel 2013:


This returns a table in the Query Editor. Click on Table:


And you will see a list of names:



There are some interesting possibilities here with providing drill down data when you click on a company name or skill set to view a list of contacts from LinkedIn for that skill or company. As I build out a complete use case, I would love to hear your ideas on interesting use cases for this data in combination with other data.

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  • Here's a use case for you that merges two of you examples: Let me pull a list of companies from LinkedIn matching certain criteria and filter out companies that I already have in my CRM (thinking of your Salesforce example). That way, I have a great list to start prospecting.

  • thanks Brian ... yeah that would be an awesome experiment to use PowerBI as the platform to derive insights from across different sources.

  • Note that this API is now limited to registered Linkedin partners. You can still use Linkedin company search API. Read more here:

  • Thanks for the update Gil.

  • Could you check to see if this method works with PowerBI Desktop?  I followed your method above with version 2.25.4095.554 of the software, and it's giving me errors (although I got a "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" response on my Apigee test console.  Thanks!

  • Where i can find the access token? in the api console?

  • I needed the searche people API method but LinkedIn just made it only available to LinkedIn partners. This is such a shame... :/

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