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  • Blog Post: Connecting the Physical World to the Digital World using Tags

    I usually prefer researching information about products on my PC at home to delve through the details, comparisons and customer reviews. However, the problem with online buying is that you don't get to touch and feel the product like you do when you walk into a brick and mortar store. With mobile phones...
  • Blog Post: More on Proximity Marketing

    I just got an email from Matt Gaines of ACE Marketing & Promotions Inc pointing me to some exciting stuff that they are working on in the Proximity Marketing Space. Ace Marketing & Promotions,  today announced that the Company has partnered with Macy's in making the 82nd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving...
  • Blog Post: Proximity Marketing

    Retailers have been exploring several technologies for proximity marketing within the retail store. This has ranged from using Text Messaging to using RFID. I came across an interesting technology (Thanks Marty :) ) that I thought bypasses the challenges of Text Messaging (cost of text messages to the...
  • Blog Post: Office Web Applications

    First Look: Office 14 for Web Watch Antoine Leblond, Senior VP of Office Productivity and Chris Bryant, Group Product Manager demonstrate Office 14 for the Web.
  • Blog Post: Creating SMS Campaigns

    I tried out today and think its a neat little application for creating quick SMS campaigns. You can tag items in the physical world and create badges like the one you see alongside and have people text in a key word for more details. For instance, if you text the word SHISH to 82442 you will...
  • Blog Post: Tacit Knowledge and the Wisdom of Crowds

    Store Associates in specialty retailers are sometimes challenged in finding quick answers to customer questions about products. They need a quick way to find information. Search capabilities that can be accessed easily using kiosks and mobile devices can make the store associate far more effective. In...
  • Blog Post: Supermarket of the Future (from BBC)

    A German supermarket is encouraging customers to scan and ring up their shopping using mobile phones, and check out without the help of a cashier. It is one of the number of innovations at the new "Future Store" - as Steve Rosenberg discovered when he went along to do his weekly shopping. Link...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Retail Future Vision (Video)

  • Blog Post: Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Partners With Microsoft to Keep Guests Connected on the Road

    Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and Microsoft Corporation partner up to implement products and services at the “Link @ Sheraton,” its signature communications hub rolling out in Sheraton lobbies this year. Details
  • Blog Post: Flash SSD could revolutionize tech in Retail

    One of the big challenges about using UMPCs and Tablet PCs to empower Store Managers on the store floor has been battery life and weight of the devices. I was reading about Flash SSDs and certainly feel that it could be the begining of increased application of mobile devices like tablet pcs and UMPCs...
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