I work for E&D systems Test team. We have been working towards building test automation framework for E&D projects. In our quest to build reliable test automation we were in the process of evaluating several tools to achieve our larger objective of faster , better and cheaper  ways of providing business solutions. That's when VSTS 2010 happened as one stop shop for all automation requirements

We walked across to IDC VSTT team and offered to dog food VSTS 2010 for our projects.

Following features of VSTS 2010 (MTR and Camano) are quite interesting to try out. I am sure you will love it :-)

1. Manual Test Runner (MTR) - a record and playback of web controls with human interaction helping us to automate the UI test cases which drastically reduced the time spent invested in Regression testing.

2. MTR also helps to create a detailed bug report (records tester's own actions, video of the tester's desktop during execution, and a historical debug log with details of the execution)

3. Test case management works better with introduction of Microsoft Test Manager (code name: Camano):

  • Camano provides integrated test case management to create, organize and manage test cases across both the development and test teams
  • Provides good traceability (Requirements,Test cases,Bugs are connected) helping to achieve good test coverage
  • With Camano we are able to combine our test cases as suites or test runs and get them executed thro MTR and get the bugs logged from there.

While we used the tool, we came up interesting bugs and feature feedback to further enhance the product. Excited to be a part of VSTT TAP program as we are among few folks who get into know all latest cool features of VSTS 2010 first :-)

When VSTS 2010 is released worldwide, we are definitely more ready and look forward to its successful launch to Microsoft customers!!!