My experiments with .Net

This is where I log my learnings, hacks, surprises and frowns regarding .Net and associated technologies...

  • My experiments with .Net

    Moving my blog

    Hi there, I've decided to move my technical blog over to Cognitive Coding . Also, hoping to keep it more active compared to this one... so watch out!
  • My experiments with .Net

    Automate packing multiple images into one and CSS generation

    CSS sprites is a technique used to minimize the number of external image downloads required for a web page to load completely. If you aren't already aware of the technique, refer to this excellent article by Dave Shea. Now when you get excited by...
  • My experiments with .Net

    Combine CSS with JS and make it into a single download!

    Now, if you have by any chance worked on page load optimizations, you would know how costly each resource download is. The more the number of external resources that you refer to, the more the time it takes for the page load to complete. Typically...
  • My experiments with .Net

    My intro...

    Welcome to my blog! My name is Shiva and I work for the Microsoft Office Live team. My focus areas include C#, Asp.Net, JavaScript, Ajax and page load performance optimizations. In this blog space, I plan to share my learnings being gained as part of...
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