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 This blog is about Smart Card infrastructure in Windows. The objective of this blog is to educate everyone about Smart Card infrastructure in Windows. A little bit about myself: I am Shivaram Mysore. I provide consulting services in the areas of

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  • Blog Post: Buying Smart Cards that work with Windows XP/Vista

    Developers need to test test their code with real Smart Cards that can work with Windows. Here are some manufacturers who can provide the same. If you are a manufacturer and not listed here, please drop me a note and I will include the same. Raak Technologies They have 2 types of MiniDriver...
  • Blog Post: Smart Card Authentication with ASP.NET

    Here is an interesting link that I found on implementing Smart Card Authentication with ASP.NET -
  • Blog Post: Smart Card MiniDrivers and Reader Drivers

    Summary list of information related to Smart Card Readers and Card Mini-Drivers Smart Card Mini-Driver Specification: Certification Requirements:
  • Blog Post: PC/SC Standards support and Windows Logo for Smart Card Readers and Drivers

    Windows (upto and including Vista) supports only PC/SC v1.0 . As a part of Windows Vista, there is a standard USB-CCID class driver in-box. This means that any USB Smart Card reader which is USB-CCID compliant, will not need any additional drivers - they just work when plugged in. To get a Windows Logo...
  • Blog Post: Card Mini-Driver Certification Requirements and Certification Kit

    Card Mini-Driver detailed certification requirements are now available at: Card Module Certification Kit ( CMCK) has shipped with the Windows Logo Kit (WLK) . WLK is the ship vehicle for the smart card certification...
  • Blog Post: Smart Cards and Readers that work with Windows

    What Smart Cards and Readers work with Windows? For Smart Cards, Check out Certificate Life Cycle Manager (CLM) Product website which has a partner listing - . This is just a starting list of companies that have Smart Cards that work with Windows...
  • Blog Post: Smart Card MiniDriver (aka CardModule) header (cardmod.h) download

    CardMod.h required to build a Smart Card Mini Driver is available for download as a part of the Crypto Next Generation (CNG) SDK download . This is a small package that gets installed on top of the Windows Vista SDK .
  • Blog Post: Card Module is also called Smart Card Mini Driver

    Card Module which has been talked about is also called Smart Card Mini Driver. The specification for the same is now available for download at If you have comments about the specification, please let us know. If you have requirements...
  • Blog Post: Card Module API on MSDN

    Card Module API is available on MSDN -
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