It's been a long while since I blogged here, so decided to reactive my blog series with a very useful and simple to use resource for any one looking to start learning how to create applications on the Windows 8.1 platform .

The MSDN link here is the simplest way to explaining to even a layman on how to build a basic Windows 8/8.1 app using HTML, CSS and Javascript :

I would highly recommend this resource from my personal experience of starting as a novice and getting up-to-speed with creating simple Windows 8/8.1 apps, including aspects like Design, Programming, UX Guidelines, Best Practices, Device Compatibility and much more.

Another extremely useful resource hidden in the above pages in this free ebook that provides comprehensive guidance for developing Windows Store apps using JavaScript :

So get your Dev hats on and start creating your own Windows Store apps!! 

Happy App-ing! :)