Hi Everybody. I am entering into this exciting world of “Blogging”. As it happens with maiden post, I shall to bore you with some introduction of mine.

My name is Shrini Kulkarni. I am software tester, currently working as Test lead for Law and corporate affairs IT (LCAIT) arm of india at GDCI (Global delivery center India). I joined Microsoft in April 2003 and since then enjoying every moment here at this great organization called Microsoft.

On the personal/Family front, I am married to “Padmapriya“ and blessed with two daughters - chandrika (8) and Avantika (10 months). I am currently residing at hyderabad - the perl city of India.

My passion - Software testing. Make software testing better and predictable. How to make testers not stumble on bugs but to find them in planned way. Use software testing to make better software - help developers to built the quality when they develop.

That is about me ....

Inspiration to blog .... When I was loooking at some internal sites at MS for “testing“ related information, I came accross Blog of Michel Hunter. That impressed me lot and then I went on searching for Blogs of testers and other people keeping intersting in Testing. After reading thru few blog entries of Cem kaner, Bret pettichord, James Bach, Brain Merick and our own Nihit Kaul, Greg chappelKeith Stobie, Adamu, I decided to jump into this wonderful world of Blogging.

I know I will have real time constraint in writing regular posts to this Blog - to start with I have decided to make one post per week. Let us see how it goes.