This week I am in a training attending “Six sigma Greenbelt” training - it is very interesting. I am leading a project on “defect patterns” - something very close to my heart. All over the years, I have been trying work on something like this. Key benefit I am looking for is - learn from defects. An organization like MS, will have a huge database of bugs, hence provide a big opportunity for us to analysis and learn.

Two things that I would get out of this are -

1. A list of items for Dev - looking around 30-50, that will be included in their code review list. Say - “here are the typical mistakes that you guys have been doing. Take care of them”

2. A list of tricks for test-say  “here are the new tricks that you might want to add to bag of tricks”

If I present this list to my team I sure there will be a constructive struggle between dev and test - dev trying to take off the items their bag and test trying to find bugs using trick offered to them. This ultimately I believe, results in over all “Lower“ bug count hence “better quality“.

A word of caution though, the information that I am planning to generate out of analysis is not to replace any existing processes in dev and test, it only an aid to do these things more efficiently.

I will keep posting about this topic as I move forward in this

Anybody has done something similar to this?