Last two days of this week, I kept my focus squarely on getting some quick case study to validate my knowledge on Model based testing. It has been nearly one year  that I started reading about this wonderful technique and this time really wanted to put all that to into a powerful demo. I was like somebody who was interested in swimming and knew bit of do’s and don’ts.  I was just walking around this big pool of MBT. I was not sure where to start from. Finally I made up my mind and got into the task on making a model myself. As I finished doing a model - it something that works and can generate test cases. I am pretty excited about this.

In next week, I shall fine tune this model and generate some interesting cases and scenarios out of this. Incidentally, this happens to a live piece of work - which we will be testing for our month end release. Therefore, lot of excitement, apprehension and curiosity building up to see what happens when model meets real application.

I have an email sent out user groups working on MBT asking for help on following issues. I hope I will get some clear direction on these.

  1. Once, MBT is adopted as a part of standard test methodology (test design and execution), how does it change SDLC ( in things like test planning, Strategy etc). 
  2. MBT tools are known to generate endless test cases, how can one prioritize the test cases so that one can run  the test passes in the stipulated time frame. 
  3. We use PS-TCM module to store test cases, is there way that I can feed the test cases generated by a MBT tool to PS-TCM? Has anybody did something similar to this? 
  4. Now coming to automation, can we use industry standard record and play back tools like WinRunner or Rational Robot in connection with Automation framework generated by MBT tools? Any instances of where people trying to marry these two things? 
  5. Traditional way of looking at automation is write test cases, convert them to “record and play back” scripts and execute to do automation regression testing. How MBT does helps in doing this?