I happen to read KC's blog post where she is writing about 100 things about herself. I liked the idea and thought of - "why not me". Here I go (I intend to add about 4-5 things per week).

1. I started playing Tabala ( an indian music instrument) from the age of 8.

2. My father used to take me to Indian classical music concerts from that age. Since these concerts use to start around 10 in the night, I typically used to end up in sleeping in those concerts right from the begining.

3. I used to draw Maps of coutries on the doors of my house, on the walls of house compound.

4. I first saw something like computer (looked like small TV screeen) when I was in College (11th). Used computer when I was in my second year of Engineering.

5. From my childhood days I wanted to become a Doctor ( who does not want to be. I thought then) In retrospect I think it is good that I did not become one. As my wife puts it, my patients would have had tough time in dealing with me. I tend to be lot pessimistic about  "health" - not very strong mentally  when it comes to "fighting" a disease.

6. Few things I was afraid of in my childhood days are - visiting Doctor - scared of "injections" and going for a hair cut (barbers then used to scare me with those weird cutters that used to run on my head). But best thing at the end of visiting Doctor (after having an injection) is a visit to a nearby hotel and I could eat whatever I like. My father is used to oblige me without a word.