I was asked by one of my blog reader to write on interview tips. Here are my broad thoughts on the topic. In last six months time I had chance to interview close 30-40 candidates. Most of the people had issues on similar lines....

  1. Be sure about what you have written in Resume
  2. Be honest to admit things you don’t know.
  3. During interview, display good listening skills.
  4. Ask for clarifications – that gives you chance to think for the reply.
  5. You are not expected to answer the moment question is over – Do ask the interviewer “Can I have 2-3 minutes to think” – This perfectly OK
  6. Before starting the answer – spell out any assumptions you make. Interviewer might be interested in knowing whether you are good thinker or not.
  7. Avoid discussing matters related to salary, location etc with technical interviewer
  8. Don’t bad mouth your previous employer.
  9. Talk slowly and confidently.

Here are few links that recommend for interview tips



http://www.asktheheadhunter.com (About general job/employment related tips and case studies)


These are very common and most talked about interview tips but people fail to give importance to it. It is like everybody knows that doing physical exercises is good for health and a very few follow it.