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September, 2005

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    Windows Transaction Foundation? I think not :-)

    Let's see: Windows Communication Foundation = WCF Windows Presentation Foundation = FPF Windows Workflow Foundation = WWF Windows Transaction Foundation = WTF... hmm... I don't think they'll let this one through :-)
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    BAD P!

    At the PDC I presented an acronym (BAD P) that can help you folks (and myself ;-) remember the 4 tenets of service orientation. Some folks asked me to publish it on my blog, so here goes. B stands for Boundaries . A service has an explicit boundary...
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    PDC demo #1 - Sessions and Instancing

    As promised, here’s the first one . This demo illustrated how sessions work in Indigo … er… Windows Communication Foundation, and how instancing is related to sessions.
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    PDC 2005 is over

    Wooooo! PDC was awesome! Thanks again for all the folks who attended (and double that to those who came to see my talk :- ). As promised, I will be posting the code for my demos here, with more detailed explanations of how they actually work.
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