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  • Blog Post: Getting on the SOA Bandwagon

    Ron Jacobs just posted the ARCast we recorded at TechEd Israel titled "Getting on the SOA bandwagon". Check it out on Channel9 or SkyScrapr .
  • Blog Post: It’s playtime! The WCF Virtual Labs are now online!

    If you haven’t played around with WCF because you didn’t want to install stuff on your machine you’re now out of excuses :-) MSDN Virtual Labs for WCF are up on . These are the same labs we use in the training we deliver here at MS. These labs walk...
  • Blog Post: Reliable Messaging demystified

    Recently I hear many questions about Reliable Messaging in WCF. In fact, I just had an IM chat with Clemens which resulted in this blog entry . I want to expand on his comments with a little more of the insight I got being a past owner for this feature. The first thing we should clear out is terminology...
  • Blog Post: The November CTP of WinFX is online

    Get it while it's fresh :-) WinFX Runtime Components: WinFX SDK:
  • Blog Post: PDC demo #2 - Transactions

    After a short delay, here’s the second one . This demo illustrated how transaction flowing works in Windows Communication Foundation.
  • Blog Post: PDC 2005

    Indigo is going to have a substential presence in this year's PDC. There are 21 sessions discussing Indigo, out of which 13 are "pure Indigo" presentations given by Indigo team members. Here's the abstract for my talk: Indigo: Writing Reliable and Transacted Distributed Applications What do...
  • Blog Post: Indigo CTP Now Available to General Public!

    Get your Avalon and Indigo Community Technology Preview here .
  • Blog Post: We're Out!

    Woohoo! The fisrt Community Technical Preview (CTP) of Indigo is now available for download at (currently restricted to MSDN subscribers, but will open up to all soon). The documentation and samples for Indigo are part of the WinFX SDK. The SDK is available through...
  • Blog Post: Indigo Day sessions available online!

    Our friends at Fawcette Technical Publications posted the Indigo Day sessions recorded at VSLive 2005 in San Francisco . There's over 7 hours of material here, ranging from basic Indigo programming to migration and interoperability with shipping technologies ...
  • Blog Post: Fun with Duplex contracts

    Well, Clemens threw the glove so here goes :-) The first thing that we define is the contracts using System.ServiceModel; namespace DuplexSample.Interfaces { [ ServiceContract ] interface IClientSide { [ OperationContract (IsOneWay = true )] void WriteString( string s); } [ ServiceContract (CallbackContract...
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