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  • Blog Post: Familiar faces on the TechEd Europe homepage

    I was looking at the TechEd Europe Developers homepage when a picture I saw on the rotating image control caught my attention - were those familiar faces that I saw there? A closer look showed my friends Rafal , Christian , Steve , Michele , and Omri . Cool!
  • Blog Post: Adventures on the way BACK from TechEd: The Problem with Falling Doors

    The way back was mostly uneventful. Since I did not sleep at all the night before, I was sleepy and dozed through most of the flight time. On the second flight (Newark to Seattle) I was sitting in the front row in coach, with more legroom than first class, enough room to work comfortably on the...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Boston – Day Five: The End is Here

    Today at 9am Don and I repeated the Service Factory chalk talk. Since this was fairly early in the morning, and also after the attendee party, we didn’t expect too many folks to show up. We were pleasantly surprised to have about 20 people show up, including good friends like Stuart and Patrick from...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Boston - Day Four: Modeling and Sea Levels

    Today I had no speaking “duties” ( L ), which meant that I had more time to talk with folks ( J ). I started the day discussing modeling and tooling techniques and mechanisms for architecting services (an approach not too different from the Service Factory in principle, only a lot more graphic). ...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Boston – Day Three: 2 chalk talks and 2 fun guys

    The morning started with a discussion on Reliable Messaging with one of the attendees. Over the last year I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of folks (customers, partners, conference attendees, etc.) and it’s interesting to see the same questions come up again and again, and people coming up with the...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Boston – Day Two: A scary tale with a good ending and 2 back-to-back parties

    This morning I gave my talk. I was working on the demos and slides until late last night, completely ignoring the first rule of presentations: get a good night’s rest before your presentation. With ruby red eyes I managed to drag myself out of bed in the morning, go through the morning routine, and by...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Boston - Day One: Familiar faces and cool customer stories

    The first "real" day of the conference was great! This morning started out pretty nicely. I am staying on the 15ht floor at the Boston Park Plaza , which is a “hotel within a hotel” with its own concierge and lounge, so breakfast was just a few steps away from my hotel room. Now that’s what I call...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Boston - Day Zero

    Well, opening on Sunday was an interesting idea. I’m not sure I’m thrilled by it. Since I had a lot of time this morning until the conference started, I decided to walk from my hotel to the convention center, and stop at a restaurant in China Town to have lunch. I ate at Chau Chow and although...
  • Blog Post: Adventures on the way to TechEd

    Boston . The Cradle of Liberty . Home of TechEd 2006. The city that’s far, far away from Redmond J Someone had a brilliant idea to start TechEd on Sunday afternoon, which given travel time and time-zone differences meant that I needed to travel on Saturday to get there. Oh well. On Friday...
  • Blog Post: Windows Transaction Foundation? I think not :-)

    Let's see: Windows Communication Foundation = WCF Windows Presentation Foundation = FPF Windows Workflow Foundation = WWF Windows Transaction Foundation = WTF... hmm... I don't think they'll let this one through :-)
  • Blog Post: Scott drinks the TechEd KoolAid

    Don't miss this hilarious video of Rory , Dan Fernandez , Becky Dias , Simon Guest , Richard Turner , Rory's Girlfriend , Jay Roxe and yours truly helping Scott Hanselman see the light and drink the TechEd KoolAid .
  • Blog Post: TechEd Israel 2004

    Just came back from TechEd Israel 2004 where I met with a lot of cool folks. Here's a picture of Jackie Goldstein , Hans Verbeek , Clement Vasters , Myself, and Yosi Taguri . And here is a picture of me with Juval Lowy .
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