October, 2006

  • System Integrity Team Blog

    Detecting BitLocker

    Although the most appropriate way to detect BitLocker is to use the interfaces in BitLocker’s WMI provider , specifically the "GetEncryptionMethod", But sometimes, you might wish to detect a BitLocker volume when the WMI provider is not available – such...
  • System Integrity Team Blog

    Multi-boot Security

    As people start analyzing BitLocker, a question that keeps getting raised is "Can I break into BitLocker by installing another copy of Vista?" This blog entry intends to show how BitLocker allows and supports multi-boot without compromising security. There is a saying that "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck." If I put to operating systems on a computer, at what point are they the same operating system? And at what point are they different? If it walks like a duck (boots) and talks like a duck (accesses unique encrypted data) then for all intents and purposes from an attacker’s perspective, it is a duck. ...
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