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August, 2006

  • Gadget Corner

    Sidebar Security

    Brian Teutsch, Windows Sidebar Program Manager The Windows Sidebar is a new Windows Vista component that provides a runtime for "gadgets." Gadgets are mini-applications designed to present the user with information or utilities. The Windows Vista Sidebar...
  • Gadget Corner

    Handling gadget visibility changes

    This is our first blog post to help out with some common gadget authoring situations. Today's post is about managing gadget updates in response to having your gadget hidden and shown by the user. Windows Sidebar provides support for informing a gadget...
  • Gadget Corner

    Welcome to Gadget Corner!

    Windows Vista is proud to present....Sidebar! Watch this space for posts from the cast and crew of this new epic.The special effects will amaze and delight! The dialog will be sharp and witty! The gadget community will go where no gadgeteer has gone before...
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