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September, 2006

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    Powering Your Gadgets With ActiveX

    A while ago, I wrote a tutorial explaining how to create an ActiveX control and use it inside a sidebar gadget. If you are finding yourself limited by the capabilities of DHTML and script in your gadget development, you will find this a useful way to...
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    Persistent Gadget Settings

    Here is a question that seems to pop up with some regularity on the sidebar newsgroup: "Why doesn't the weather gadget remember where I live, if I close it and then add it again to my sidebar?" The answer is that every time you add the weather gadget...
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    Persistent Settings Update

    Soon after I posted my persistent settings library , I received my first bug on it. I'll discuss the bug a bit, but first things first - the bug is fixed, and the links updated; if you previously downloaded the library, please go ahead and get the updated...
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    RC1 Changes to the Sidebar APIs

    In the RC1 release of Windows Vista, the Sidebar received a number of changes in the APIs that make up our object model. These APIs make building rich gadgets that interact with other Windows components, and the Sidebar itself, easy and familiar to HTML...
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