We've been saying "It's coming" for a very long while--and now we can officially say, "IT'S HERE!"  On behalf of the entire Windows SideShow team, I would like to announce public availability of the Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework v1.4.  To those who participated in the beta program, we want to thank you for your feedback and support.  All of us here can't wait to see the innovative and exciting devices that will come to market as a result of this effort.  This is just the first of many Windows SideShow-related releases in our pipeline for delivery in 2008.  While I can't divulge too much information, we think you'll like what you see :)

This SDK release is big for us in many ways; to name a few:

  • We've moved up to the .NET Micro Framework 2.0 SP1 release (so make sure you have that installed first!)
  • We've added a whole new portrait-oriented QVGA UI (which looks really sleek, if you haven't seen it)
  • We've moved over to a completely new PC-side driver, which now adds support for Bluetooth connectivity (which will also be available through Windows Update shortly)
  • The Simulator for Windows SideShow is now based upon the .NET Micro Framework's extensible emulator (and, by the way, you can debug your code in Visual Studio while having it communicate with Windows Vista--another new feature for us!)
  • 3 new Northern European languages are part of our standard set, bringing the total to 17
  • You can now build a device using the "Assigned User Model" (e.g. the device is always paired to a single user, instead of whoever is on the console)

Now, to quell the rumors before they get started: this is not a release targeting Windows Mobile devices.  I know there is a lot of interest out there in seeing Windows SideShow on Windows Mobile...we are working on it.  That's all I'm going to say for now :)


- The Windows SideShow Team

[ The full download link for the SDK is http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=b877c01d-e80e-4f30-9df9-3a46ec519704&DisplayLang=en ]