We are proud to announce that Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2 is now available for download. LightSwitch gives you a simpler and faster way to create high-quality Silverlight business applications for the desktop and the cloud. If you are new to Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2 here are some resources to get you started: Visual Studio LightSwitch Tutorial on creating applications by Jason Zander. If you just want to see what’s new since beta 1, go here: What’s new in Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2

LightSwitch also supports Extensions which provides additional functionality that is not standard in the product. You can use the LightSwitch Extension Cookbok with a blank solution to get started with those - do note that you will need Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Professional or higher. For complete information on developing extensions go to http://blogs.msdn.com/b/lightswitch/archive/2011/03/16/lightswitch-beta-2-extensibility-cookbook.aspx.

For more resources on getting started with Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2, check out Orville McDonald’s post on Extending LightSwitch Beta 2 Applications.