Pick a Silverlight RIA scenario [D2D, B2E, B2B, B2C] or choose a Web Services style [SOAP/RPC, XML/REST]

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A Cup of Silverlight, RIA & Interoperability

This blog is about building Rich Internet & Interoperable Applications with Silverlight 2. You will also find technical information about the Eclipse Tools for SilverlightWe welcome your feedback.

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  • Blog Post: B2C scenario : Customer Environement

    The B2C scenario corresponds to Web applications accessed by customers , traditionnaly built with some dynamic HTML/AJAX technology running on the server side, that have been elected to leverage the Silverlight capabilities (enriched user experience, vector based contents, scaling, rich media…).To comply...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight scenarios for Rich Internet Applications

    From the architecture described in the previous post a cup of Silverlight, a drop of Architecture , you may experience several technical requirements : Infrastructure Security DMZ (if the application is internet facing), Secured transport (HTTPS) if private communication has to be enforced...
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