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A Cup of Silverlight, RIA & Interoperability

This blog is about building Rich Internet & Interoperable Applications with Silverlight 2. You will also find technical information about the Eclipse Tools for SilverlightWe welcome your feedback.

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  • Blog Post: Tip : Add XAP Mime-Type in Tomcat and IIS 5.1

    Mime-Type are used to provide identifiers for file formats on the Internet. By default, XAP files are not recognized as a Silverlight application in Tomcat or IIS 5.1. You can set a Mime-Type to identify XAP files on both servers. Setting Mime-Type in Tomcat in %TOMCAT_INSTALL%/conf directory...
  • Blog Post: Tip : Serving JSPs and Servlets from IIS through Tomcat

    This tip is about making IIS as a front end to Tomcat hosting Servlets and JSPs on the back end. This architecture allows the hosting of JAX-WS or Restlet services in Tomcat while Silverlight clients are hosted in IIS without facing cross-domain issues. The configuration files and the connector (isapi_redirect...
  • Blog Post: Tip : Cross Domain Policy when Self-Hosting your Services

    This tip is about self hosting of services with the .Net WCF or Java Restlet framework. Cross-domain access is mandatory here since the Site of Origin does not host the services. Self hosting a service represents a quick & easy way to expose a Web Service for tests purpose. Yet, customization...
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