Silverlight is a web technology, right? So is it reasonable to assume that all of you have access to the web when you are developing your Silverlight applications?

One question we’re trying to answer here at Microsoft is whether anyone will even notice if we stop supporting F1 and Intellisense when you are using Visual Studio to develop Silverlight applications, or stop integrating the Silverlight help collection into the Visual Studio help system.

We’d like to stop guessing and put the question to you; our customers. If you have access to the Silverlight documentation on MSDN, do you really need (on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is you don’t need at all, 10 is absolutely essential):

Silverlight topics integrated into the Visual Studio help collection?
F1 support for Silverlight?
Intellisense support for Silverlight?

Add your comments here and we’ll compile and report the results here in the coming weeks.


Dawn Wood [MSFT]

Silverlight Documentation Manager